Zebra DEVPODCAST - Developing in a "Now" Economy

As enterprises migrate to Android, there seems to be a slower adoption in warehouses. Why is this and what is being done to address the issues? Join our hosts, Dan Quagliana and Mark Jolley as they talk with Joe White, Zebra General Manager, Mobile Computer Division about this, learn about the challenges customers have faced, and how Zebra is helping organizations to move from siloed, closed environments leveraging green screen terminal emulation sessions to a robust, cloud connected, mobile, IoT sensing platform for the enterprise through Android.

Zebra has made a significant investment to lead the marketplace in the adoption of purpose built devices such as our TC8000. We are also not just about the devices, but about the application ecosystem that surrounds this making manufacturing, retail, and other vertical businesses more connected.

As an ISV or software developer, the best time to develop is now. The “now economy” today embodies the idea of a connected worker. Digitizing workflows and gaining visibility to those interactions provides new insights and actions for Enterprises to optimize their workflows. Voice collaboration via Workforce Connect streamlines activities even more. It’s a great opportunity for software developers to be thought leaders and drive business growth through development, giving customers a performance edge. Discover the advantages of developing for Zebra in this latest podcast.

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