The following table explains which CSP's and associated DSD's will be needed to perform the listed Staging Use Cases

CSP Use Cases.PNG

Configuration Service Provider  (CSP)

Clock Mgr

Helps in setting time, date and time zone of the

device, can also be used to setup NTP to sync

time automatically

Wi-Fi Mgr

Helps in creating Wi-Fi profiles on device to be

able to connect to wireless networks

Settings Mgr

Helps to enable/disable enterprise reset option

on TC70. If enterprise reset is enabled, users

will be able to perform Enterprise-reset from

the device’s UI

Power Mgr

Helps to update the OS image, soft reboot,

factory-reset and full-device-wipe

Cert Mgr

Helps in installation and un-installation of

certificates on the device

Access Mgr

Helps to enable/disable white-listing of

applications on the device

Wireless Mgr

Helps to enable/disable Bluetooth on the



Helps to enable/disable usage of USB on


Persist Mgr

Helps persist the applied settings even after

the enterprise reset

App Mgr

Helps to install and uninstall applications on


GPRS Mgr Helps to add named APN on device

Helps in controlling the XML processing by MX

framework, helps in applying the conditional