May 29, 2023 - Google Purging Accounts; Login Best Practices

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IN THIS ISSUE: Google To Delete Unused Accounts; Simply Preserving Digital Data; A New API to Simplify Web Pop-ups; 11 Best Practices for Login Prompts; How to Cut App Launch Time; Microsoft Gives Coders a Dev Home


How to Delete Your Accounts From the Internet | PCMag

Google to Begin Deleting Old Accounts

It can't be easy maintaining dozens of massive, 24/7 data centers around the world, let alone track the billions of user accounts and data piling up every minute. Google earlier this month announced that it would begin removing dormant user accounts starting in December, 2023. 


Preserve Digital Data More Easily

News of Google's dormant-account shutdown policy might have some companies worried about loss of data by current or former employees that no longer access their Google accounts. Concepts like the "analog nightlight" can help ease the pain of reducing one's attack surface.   


Examples of some popovers demoed throughout the article.

New API to Simplify Web Pop-ups 

Pop-ups can sure be annoying, and are usually dismissed immediately by this web surfer. Despite their ubiquity, pop-ups are apparently somewhat hard to code. A new "popover API" is designed to make it less hard, and this piece shows how. 


11 Best Practices for Log-in Prompts

There are simple techniques to help safeguard login forms from hackers, yet many companies apparently don't bother, perhaps thinking that the login itself is all they need. After reading this best-practices piece, how many can say they're implemented all 11? 


How Turo Cut Launch Time by 77 Percent

How long should an app take to launch? Google reportedly says that 53 percent of users give up on apps if they have to wait more than three seconds. That's why car-sharing company Turo shaved more than three quarters of its initial run time using Android tools and best practices.